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1 Zone System




The Vireo+ combines cutting edge technology and a minimalist design. It has been designed to blend into any living space, with a slim cabinet that can be installed onto the wall. The wall mounted unit has an easy-to-read display which gives information about the operating mode. With four speeds, the unit can provide maximum comfort while still operating quietly. Other smart technology includes an I Feel Mode, which adjusts airflow and temperature for maximum comfort, and a sleep mode which saves energy while automatically adjusting the room's temperature. You can also use the Energy Savings mode which automatically selects the optimal compressor and fan speeds while saving money on your energy bill.

The outdoor unit features a self-diagnostics system to make maintenance easy. It also features G10 inverter technology, which achieves higher efficiency and energy savings by eliminated frequent starts/stops. It also features polymeric air filters that keep air and dust from entering your home or degrading your system performance. You also have the option of upgrading your Vireo+ to Universal WIFI, which enables you to control the comfort of your home from your smartphone.

The Gree Vireo+ is also AHRI Certified and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.


  • Heating, Cooling, Dry, and Fan modes

  • High efficiency G-10 Inverter Technology

  • Multiple speed fan

  • Polymeric air filters

  • I Feel mode

  • IR remote control included

  • Privacy lock mode

  • Sleep mode

  • Fahrenheit °F / Celsius °C

  • Self-diagnosis

  • Low voltage start-up

  • Intelligent defrost

  • Blue fin condenser

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