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Top Services Provided 

Common HVA Services 

Home Inspections

Buying or selling your home? Let our team assist you with providing a Expert HVAC Technician to overview any potential violations, we will write up and take pictures and provide estimates for repairs.

Bathroom Exahust Fans

Bathroom exhaust fans with proper ventalation  can help reduce excessive moisture and mold buildup in your home. Connected to a moisture sensing switch they can save you from major damages to your home and health. 

24 Hour Emergency Service 

EHC Inc, Provides real 24 hour emergency service for both members and non members. Our dispatch center is monitored 24hrs 365 days a year. Only our most skilled service experts are sent out.

System Alterations

Allow our team to review your next project or any issues you might have with your current system to get the best results.

Annual Cleaning

Your equipment is an investment similar to your home or car, make sure you hire only the best to keep your equipment in optimal operating condition by signing up with us for cleanigs

System Troubleshooting

Our team of highly trained service electricians can troubleshoot and repair any issues regarding you standard and smart home Heating and cooling systems. We are the only company in the area with an in house senior technical support department.

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